Friday, October 28, 2005

Another Late Night Committee Meeting

Just three and a half days to go, and we will be taking off to Germany!

After our senior band practice last night, we headed for the usual restaurant where we held our committee meeting. The following were discussed:

  • Assignment of photographers for the events. There are parallel sessions that our members are involved in for (a) 3rd Nov afternoon, (b) 4th Nov morning and (c) 4th Nov afternoon.
  • Video recording of the competition sessions
  • Uniform for departure from HK airport, harmonica factory visit, Opening Ceremony, orchestra competition and performance
  • Banner for group photo taking occasions
  • Merchandise sales arrangement
  • Daily news publishing on web site and Blogs
  • Accomodation and transportation
  • Arrangement for arrival in HK airport on return journey
  • Member phone list for team leader keeping
  • Competition name list by category
  • Accessories for orchestral performance/competition
  • Media communication
  • Review of 24th Oct concert

Meeting was adjourned at mid-night.


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