Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Hong Kong Harmonica Association Harmonica Orchestra

The Hong Kong Harmonica Association Harmonica Orchestra consists of members of the award winning team at the 4th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival & Championship 2002 in Atsugi, Japan when the orchestra seized the overall champion and the "Mayor's Prizeā€ in the large harmonica ensemble category, one of the highest honours in the competition event. Since its formation, the orchestra has been invited to perform in several important occasions, including the 1st Hong Kong Harmonica Festival 2003 and the finale charity concert of the "Anti-SARS Campaign" at the Hong Kong International Airport in June 2003, which was broadcasted widely throughout Hong Kong and mainland China. At the grand opening of the 5th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival 2004 in Hong Kong, the 110-member orchestra was widely acclaimed for its brilliant showcase of 4 original compositions written specifically for harmonica orchestra by 3 leading Hong Kong composers, a pioneer move that push the art of harmonica orchestral music to a new frontier.


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