Monday, October 31, 2005

Reminder to the Delegation

Monday, 31st October

The following message was sent by Tam Sir this morning to all members as a reminder:

Dear All, After our hard preparation and practice for nearly 6 months, we are now going to enjoy a nice and memorable journey to the 2005 World Harmonica Festival in Trossingen. Please remember to bring along with you: PASSPORT, HKID CARD, MONEY, BOW TIE, HARMONICAS, DAILY ITINERARY SHEETS AND PERSONAL BELONGINGS etc.

Also, do remember to tell your parents, relatives, children and friends to visit our web-site for the daily update of our activities in Germany. Just go the the offical web site of HKHA and click on the links 2005年度世界口琴節專頁 Page of World Harmonica Festival 2005 for details. I will do my best and work with each of you in Germany to make our trip a successful one. Meet you all at the Airport tonight at 9:15pm sharp.

Best wishes.


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