Tuesday, November 15, 2005

5th November, morning

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Above: The Schulerorchester Hohnerklang. Below: The Hong Kong Harmonica Association Harmonica Chamber Orchestra

Today was the last day of competitions. The only one left were the senior orchestra and the junior band.

As in the last two days, we had breakfast at 7 am. The senior band gathered at the dining room after breakfast for the last round of practice. We played the Rossini piece first at ultra high speed to test our limit and ability to recover from errors. Then we played again at our normal speed for the last time.

Upon arrival at the competition venue, we found that the first competition team had already set up their seats. They were a large band of about 50 people. There were altogether 9 teams, and we were the second team to play, which is good because after playing, we could relax and enjoy watching other competitors' show.

Came our turn and we executed what we had been practising. We thought we did fairly well, but then there were many strong competitors. So we don't know the chance of winning, and we'll find out tomorrow morning.

At 11:30 the junior band competed at the same venue. There were only 2 teams. Our junior band played first, followed by the German team. The competition ended at noon.


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