Monday, October 17, 2005

Trip Organizing

Organizing a group of 50+ people to attend a conference is by no means a simple task. Fortunately, our committee member Louisa is quite familiar with Germany since she has been visiting the country for business every year. On the other hand, HKHA’s secretary, Tam Sir is a seasoned traveller. Hence the two worked as a team and decided to act like a tour operator for the trip, which includes engaging a travel agent to reserve airline tickets, ground transportation (coach), book hotel rooms, preparing the full itinerary of the trip, advising and verifying each participant's travel documents, and collecting fees. In addition, Tam Sir diligently obtained information on Germany, especially the vicinity of Trossingen (city where the Festival takes place) and Schwenningen (city of our hotel). By now, he already has a good orientation of the cities and nearby sight-seeing places. Louisa has also worked with the festival organizer on the transportation arrangement between the hotel and the festival venue. As if this is not enough work, about half of the delegation has opted for a side trip to Vienna after the festival, so the two experts work out yet another plan for the Vienna travellers.

On 1st October, the committee held a Pre-Tour Briefing Session for the delegation's junior participants and their parents, much like what a travel agent does for its clients. Thanks to Tam Sir, Louisa and other anonymous folks who dedicated their effort, the rest of us can prepare our journey comfortably.


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